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Thank You to All of our Advocacy Days Participants!

2021 Advocacy Days Tuesday Sessions PhotoThank you to everyone who came out and joined us Tuesday and Wednesday in Raleigh for our 2021 Advocacy Days. With advocacy being one of the main pillars of our organization, your participation in this special event helps us stand up for NC patients, physicians, practices, and the state of healthcare in North Carolina. We cannot do it without you and we are grateful to have such dedicated members in our organization.

Thank you to all of our speakers and volunteers and a big thank you to Curi for sponsoring our Tuesday evening networking reception at Rye.

On this page, please find links to our Tuesday speaker presentations and information on how you can continue to make your voice heard concerning North Carolina's healthcare legislative hot topics.

Speaker Presentations

Some of our Tuesday Advocacy Days speakers were gracious enough to make digital copies of their presentations available to us. Please follow the links below to access the presentation PDFs.

Keep checking back as additional presentations will be added as they become available. 

Participation Information

Advocacy Days Event Handouts:

*The most helpful distinction is that Legislative Building offices have 4 numbers (1234) and the Legislative Office Building offices have three numbers (123).

Need CEUs? NCMGMA's Advocacy Days has a total of 4 hours of CEUs.

Keep Making Your Voice Heard

Though Advocacy Days is a great start, we need to keep up the work of making our voices heard amongst our NC legislators. Use the Tips and Tricks and Talking Points to continuing voicing your concerns about current legislation affecting North Carolina's healthcare patients, doctors and practices.

Find Your North Carolina Legislators


If you have any questions about Advocacy Days or any of our other NCMGMA events, please contact the NCMGMA offices at [email protected].  You can also visit our Events page here.