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Who We Are

NCMGMA’s membership is comprised of:

  • Active Members ($200):
    An Active Member is currently employed in an executive, the managerial or administrative capacity of a medical group engaged in the practice of medicine as a legal entity sharing business management facilities, records, and personnel and/or serves in an executive, managerial or administrative capacity of an integrated delivery organization that includes, as part of its primary mission, the provision of physician services and administration of physician practices.

    An Active Member is entitled to all Association membership services, including the right to vote on all matters placed before the Membership and to serve on the Board of the Association.
  • Dual Membership (One-Year Membership: $499 / Two-Year Membership: $999)
    The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) is excited to offer the opportunity to participate in our new dual membership pilot program with select state MGMA programs. Sign up today to double your benefits and grow your network with a one or two-year membership that combines the best of practice management solutions, advocacy, and professional development resources at a state and national level.
  • Student Membership (No Charge)

    Student Membership is an individual who is pursuing a healthcare or business-related degree at an accredited institution of higher learning and does not qualify for any other Member category. Student Members shall not have the right to vote and shall not have the right to serve as Officers or Directors of the Association.

  • Affiliate Membership ($300)

    An Affiliate Member is employed by an organization that provides products and/or services which enhance each Association member's ability to meet the health needs of their community, including, but not limited to business consultants, providers of products and services.

    An Affiliate Member is entitled to designated Association membership services, including the right to vote on all matters placed before the Membership and to serve on the Board of the Association.

  • Transitional Membership ($100)

    An Active, Student or Affiliate Member who is a member in good standing may request a Transitional Membership when employment, association or affiliation with a medical group or affiliate ceases for any reason. Requests for Transitional Membership shall be submitted to the Membership Committee and shall be granted for a period of up to one year at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Transitional Members serving as a Director, Officer, Committee Member or Committee Chair may continue to serve unexpired terms during this period, but may not run for a position of officer or director of the Association unless they have converted back to an Active or Affiliate membership. A Transitional Member who was an Active Member or Affiliate Member previously shall have the right to vote.

  • Faculty Membership ($200)

    Faculty Membership is available for any faculty teaching business or healthcare administration in an accredited college or university. Faculty Member is entitled to all Association membership services, including the right to vote on all matters placed before the Membership and to serve on the Board of the Association.

  • Honorary Membership:

    Persons who have rendered outstanding service to the Association or to the profession of medical practice management may qualify as Honorary Members. An Honorary Member may not be an Active Member. Honorary Members are elected by the Board annually. Nominations for Honorary Membership may be submitted in writing by any Member. Honorary Members shall not have the right to vote and shall not have the right to serve as officers or directors of the Association and are not required to pay membership dues.
  • Emeritus Membership:
    An Emeritus Member shall be an Active Member who no longer meets the requirements of Active Membership and who either applies or is sponsored by another current Active Member. Such Active Member may be considered by the Board for emeritus status under the following conditions:

    (a) Must have been an Active Member of the Association for at least ten (10) consecutive years;
    (b) Will not be required to pay membership dues; and
    (c) Will not be permitted to vote or hold office in the Association.
    (d) Cannot serve in a Leadership role

What We Offer

  • Experience and Strength – Benefit from 50+ years of service to healthcare professionals with a connection to over 700+ members.
  • Industry Networking – Share and learn with peers at meetings, electronically through periodic news flash emails, and online through our website ( and news resource, NCMGMA News (
  • Webinars - NCMGMA, along with the North Carolina Medical Society Foundation, provides members with numerous webinars throughout the year. Members receive deeply discounted, and sometimes free, registrations for webinars.
  • Certification Assistance – Connect to ACMPE certification and fellowship study groups.
  • Annual Conference and Roadshows – Hear current topics of interest to group administrators/managers and gain continuing education credits at our Annual Conference and Roadshow experiences.
  • Member Listserv – Post questions, information, and share feedback with members via the listserv. #1 Member Benefit!
  • North Carolina Salary & Benefits Survey – we've brought this back after 5 years of not having NC-specific data and we couldn't be more excited! 
  • Healthcare Job Postings – Send and receive notifications on positions available within member practices.
  • Around-the-Clock Support – Access information 24/7 via the NCMGMA website and NCMGMA News.
  • Leadership Opportunities – Serve on NCMGMA committees and shape the activity of the organization. Our committees report to the membership and serve as advocates for members whenever possible.
  • Legislative and Advocacy Participation - Join us each year as we visit our legislators in Raleigh. Our Advocacy committee maintains an active relationship with our representatives and keeps us aware of current legislative issues.
  • Industry Recognition – Each year, NCMGMA and Curi recognize outstanding leadership activity with the Administrator of the Year Award; and NCMGMA and First Citizens Bank honor exceptional group performance with the Practice of the Year Award.
  • Incredible Alliance Sponsors who support our practice administrators and their practices!

How to Join

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