NCMGMA Healthcare Highlights Presented By First Citizens Bank

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We Want to Highlight YOU!
Share Your Positive Stories Happening In
Healthcare and Within North Carolina

It's more important than ever to highlight positive stories happening in healthcare within North Carolina, and we are excited to announce the NCMGMA Healthcare Highlights Campaign - presented by First Citizens Bank. In this time of uncertainty, we are amazed at how you are still finding ways to practice positivity. Help us share these bright spots and celebrate your practice or organization for the incredible work you are doing. Please share any ways you are:

  • Keeping your staff healthy and happy
  • Increasing morale in your office
  • Giving back or getting involved with the community

These don't need to be sweeping gestures - small acts of kindness can have a huge impact! Photos, videos, and recaps can be submitted here. We can't wait to highlight all that you've been doing!

Be sure to view your spotlight and see what your fellow NCMGMA members are doing on the NCMGMA website.


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